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Cleaning and caring set on smooth aniline leather.


  • Aniline Cleaner 200 ml
  • Aniline Cream 150ml
  • Application sponge
  • Cloth from microfiber
  • Application cloth
  • Instructions for use

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Good for these articles:

Specially produced caring set for cleaning, impregnation and protection of leather upholstery made of natural smooth aniline leather. The package content is good for the regular treatment of leather sofa with 5 seats. The regular usage helps considerably to prolong the lifespan and beauty of your leather upholstery. The protection of the aniline leather with the product COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream prevents the stains and dirt to get into the surface and therefore makes it easier to remove them with the product Aniline Cleaner.

ANILINE CLEANER – Soft cleaning product to be used for regular treatment of smooth aniline leather. The foam applicator provides careful and safe cleaning without excessive soaking. Please keep in mind our instructions for cleaning and treatment of the aniline leather!

ANILINE CREAM – Soft caring product for smooth aniline leather with matt top finishing, which thanks to its unique formula, and regular use keeps the attractive appearance and remains pleasant on touch for a long time. The product is effective only in case that it was applied from the very first time of using the upholstery. The already made stains and soaked in dirt cannot be removed in a common way and it is necessary to contact a professional cleaning company.

ANILINE CLEANER: Put the cleaning foam on a soft cloth that does not leave the fibers, then by making little circles clean the leather from seam to seam. Clean away the remains from the dirt with soft absorbent cloth. The dark stains made by soaked in liquid, dry gently with the hairdryer (not very hot!). Avoid excessive rubbing. The stains that are deep in the leather cannot be cleaned with the Aniline Cleaner! In such cases consult further process with professionals.

ANILINE CREAM: Shake well before use and try it on a less visible place. Put the product on white cloth and spread it evenly by making circles from seam to seam to leave a thin layer. Leave it to dry. After drying repeat the process one more time. On the very exposed places such as the seats, armrest or lumbar part of the backrest, we suggest to apply the product 2-3 times per year.

If the leather has already absorbed the dirt and stains, first contact the professionals for help. The wrong attempts for cleaning can make the damage even worse. Do not ever use the product directly on the leather! Use the product only on cleaned surface of the leather! Try the effect of the product first on the less visible part of the leather upholstery. Do not use the product on sanded leather such as Nubuk and Suede. Make sure the leather does not get soaked! Keep it away from children! Protect from frost!